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My Story

Hello You,

First and Foremost, I want you to know your not Alone. 

I am Coralynn White the Owner and founder of The ReSorce serving in Health and Wellness industry as a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Energetic Treatment Practitioner.  For years ago, I went through a horrific challenging experience that I did not think I would make through alive. My health conditions, relationships, and life were suffering and the old conventional way of life was not serving or connecting with me.  I felt alone, and that no-one around me could help.  I needed and wanted a new unconventional way to heal and find the truth about life and our body. 


I knew I had to make some major changes in my life for myself and for the most important person who needed me my son. I had to research and find out the truth about the power we have with our life, bodies, and abilities.  During that time, I started my new journey into the experience of health and wellness so I could have an opportunity to live a full life.  I had found there are new ways to try in that their were new alternative ways to heal, maintain a healthy mindset and body without taking medicine, by using our own bodies.


During my journey I felt alone and that no-one could help me until I came across Delores Cannon an expert for over 50 years in life and spirituality.  I needed someone I could trust, resonate with, and understand.  She met & exceeded all my expectations which was very difficult to do and taught me how to perceive life different.  She designed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) to heal people and find answers about your life. Delores Cannon and her studies, was the only experience and wisdom that truly effectively healed me. And still does to this day.  (Learn More With Delores Cannon and her expertise, click below and visit the QHHT website)


Now, as a QHHT Practitioner I am dedicated to offer my experience, expertise, wisdom, and techniques to be of service for individuals who WANT help in life with minor and serious health conditions, challenges, relationships, and all life questions so all individuals can have an opportunity to live a full happy life and find their true self like I did. Welcome to All of You! 

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My Approach

My approach is soft, trusting, and very effective for anyone.  My mission and goal for my business is to serve and inform individuals within the community with the most effective trusting technique to transform their individual lives.  With this technique individuals will have the opportunity to live a full happy healthy life. This technique can reduce suffering, pain, and past trauma experiences as well as help with relationships, and ordinary daily life experiences.  My main goal is to give each individual an opportunity to experience a successful approach to figuring out their life in that they are not alone and have effective support resources to guide them along the way.  This experience can also show individuals a new positive perspective to perceive and live their own lives. 


I hope to spread love and support throughout individuals lives through my new service as a QHHT Practitioner and in the Health and Wellness community.  My focus is on YOU! Know you are not Alone! 

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