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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Now Is The Time to Change Your Life

Quantum Healing (QHHT) and

Energetic Treatment

Experience A New Way of Life & Healing

Health & Wellness is the Way to Go! 

About Me

I am Coralynn White the Owner and founder of The ReSorce serving in Health and Wellness industry as a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Energetic Treatment Practitioner.  Years ago, I went through a horrific challenging experience that I did not think I would make through alive. My health conditions, relationships, and life were suffering and the old conventional way of life was not serving or connecting with me.  I felt alone, and that no-one around me could help. I needed and wanted a new unconventional way to heal and find the truth about life and our body. 


Until one day I came across Delores Cannon an expert for over 50 years in life and spirituality.  I needed someone I could trust, resonate with, and understand. She designed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).  (Learn More: Visit the Official QHHT Website by Delores below).  


Now, as a QHHT Practitioner I am dedicated to offer my experience, expertise, wisdom, and techniques to be of service for individuals who WANT help in life with minor and serious health conditions, challenges, relationships, and all life questions so all individuals can have an opportunity to live a full happy healthy life and maintain a physical and mental state of balance.  Welcome to All of You! 


"The only way to break the program is to change your mind, the only way to change your mind is to do something new, something you don't want to do, something good for you."

Coralynn White

My Treatments

Reiki Treatment

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

According to expert Delores Cannon, "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique allows people to access a part of themselves that holds all the answers. Some people call this the Higher Self, the Over Soul, the Super Conscious. With QHHT®, clients are able to have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are — and to ultimately create change within themselves."

During the QHHT process you will enter a natural state and reach the Quantum Field.  In the Quantum Field all things are possible.

Receive Answers, Instant Relief for Health Conditions, and how to live a better life for your future.  

No Risk, Results Guaranteed or Money Back. 

Certified QHHT Practitioner

(To Verify Certification of Practitioner

visit the Official QHHT Website)

For More Information

Energetic Treatment 

This simple energy treatment technique is my own special technique that will give your body an instant relief from pain or health condition to any part of your body, balance energy in the body, & give your body a relaxed and calm state. You will feel instantly relaxed, renewed, and refreshed. 

This is the quickest technique, about 10-20 minutes.

No Risk,

Results Guaranteed or Money Back! 


Dana Kunkel

The QHHT experience with Coralynn was very relaxing, trusting, and enjoyable.  I have successfully done 2 sessions.  The results are far more than expected.  I have not had any sinus issues which I had every 3 weeks or so. I have not had any more back aches or shoulder issues as I was experiencing for a long time. It has also helped with my sleep. I highly recommend anyone to give this a chance to truly change your life, health, and learn. 

I have also done her energetic treatment, which was great based on time.  It was quick and effective giving me instant results.  Wonderful easy experience and worth it. 

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