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Experience A New Way of Healing

Today you can change your life

"The only way to get the change you want is to change your mind, the only way to change your mind is to do something new, something you don't want to do, something good for you, and you will experience the power inside of you."

Coralynn White

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT, facilitates Past Life Regression & Reaching the Quantum Field in a natural state to find answers and receive healing to anything specifically to what you are looking for. According to Delores Cannon, over 50 years, expert founder of QHHT, said "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique allows people to access a part of themselves that holds all the answers and healing you need. Some people call this the Higher Self, the Over Soul, the Super Conscious. With QHHT, clients are able to have a much clearer understanding of the root of their problem, why things are the way they are — and to ultimately create change within themselves." If you made yourself sick you can heal yourself too!

During the QHHT process you will receive:

1. Full Body Treatment, Healing 

2. Instant Relief of pain in the body, or any specific Health Condition

3. Complete rebalance of your mind & body, energy balance

4. Release of Trauma, cleanse of toxins, relief of stress, anxiety, anti-aging, & more

5. Answers to your questions about life, relationships, & health conditions

6. Find out the root cause of your issues, & much more.

7. Chakra Balance 

(QHHT Only: 16 years & Older)

In Person Only, Average 4-5 hours. Includes: Interview, Session, and Video! Note: This is a Lifetime of healing in one session! 

Note: Home sessions are available, contact for more information! 


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Energy Treatments

 Our bodies are energy and there are different ways to re-balance that energy. These are some of them, similar to meditation, yoga, tai-chi, ect.

What is an Energy treatment? This technique uses hands on healing, to rebalance your energy. This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed, with an instant sense of refreshment. You will feel great once you are done, and you won't be disappointed.  You can also try a one-hour Chakra Balance Session or Mindset Shift Session Only.

What will you experience?

1. Full Body Treatment, Healing

2. A complete rebalance of your mind & body

3. Cleanse of toxins, anti-aging, & grounding effect

4. Relaxes and calms the mind & body, natural body high 

5. Instant relief of pain, or health condition

6. Relief of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and much more! 

7. Chakra Balancing (The energy centers in your body)

(All ages)

Options: In person only, Quick Treatment - 30 min., 

Full Body Treatment - 1 hour .


Rebalance and rejuvenate with our diverse range of health and wellness classes at The ReSorce. From the calming practice of yoga, breathwork, and meditation to the strengthening and toning benefits of Pilates, we offer a variety of classes to help you renew both your body and mind. With a focus on relaxation and fitness, our classes are designed to help you rebalance and stay fit for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


In person classes

About Me

I am Coralynn White the Owner and founder of The ReSorce serving in the natural Health and Wellness industry for many years as a certified Quantum Healing Practitioner and Energy Practitioner and Yoga Instructor.  First and Foremost, QHHT saved my life, from personal experience.


Now, as a certified QHHT & Energy Practitioner and Yoga Instructor I am dedicated to offer my years of experience, expertise, wisdom, and the most effective natural techniques to my community to be of service to individuals who need effective natural healing with minor and serious health conditions, relationships, life challenges, and all life questions so all individuals can have an opportunity and new resource, to live a full happy healthy life and maintain a physical and mental state of balance. QHHT and Energy Treatments are light energy, natural, loving, and will change your life. Welcome to All of You! 

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Katie, age 33

"I have been through alot of trauma and challenging experiences through my life.  After my QHHT session, I have been off my medication, I experienced a change in thoughts and negative patterns, through her "insight therapy". The negative influences started to go away. My life has taken a turn since QHHT. After one year, my way of thinking and feeling has been the best its ever been. This process helped me stay focused on my goals, validated I was on the right path, and gave me strength, confidence, and healing to continue my life's journey. 2 years later, I now own my own house, and I am more stable than ever. Thank you so much Coralynn, for being the best spiritual guidance and cheerleader.  I love QHHT! I am now a Recovery Coach and becoming certified in more!"

Aaron, age 44

"I had a great experience with QHHT. In 1 session, I got off all my anxiety meds and been way clearer in my thoughts. Feels like I've been awakened for the 1st time. My relationship with my wife and family has improved tremendously. Also, I am happy and terrified at the same time! It's all came from seeing Coralynn and allowing myself to open and take charge of my life. Coralynn you did so much for me in a short time versus anything else. I am now becoming a business owner.
Thank You, Coralynn! This investment was definitely worth it." 

Daylee, age 27

"I live in Tennessee, and Coralynn helped me so much through her self-discovery/remote healing service. She helped guide me through the most challenging experience, school, and with family relationships. It did take me a whole year to transition but now I am thriving more than ever. I have gained my confidence and found myself again. I now own my own clothing brand.  
Thank you Coralynn."

Anonymous, Age 39

"I can't believe it, I feel like I am in a new body from QHHT. I was on 9 different medications, severe back pain, bladder infections, and much more. I feel brand new and I am excited about my new journey.
Thank you Coralynn

Anonymous, age 70

"I loved the QHHT experience. I came to Coralynn because I had lung cancer and could not walk anywhere. I immediately walked in Walmart after my session, and 9 months later, I have cut down extremely on smoking, I can breathe a lot better, and I can still walk. I feel so much better in life."

Dana, age 60

"I love the energy treatments, they feel amazing, and they are quick and easy."

Kyle, age 31

"I had permanent back issues from a car accident, I am now off all my pain medicine and my back feels great.  I feel strong, and can now hold things heavy without, QHHT was great."

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