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My Treatments

Choose from the following services.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We look forward to your session! 

Results are Guaranteed! No Risk! 

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What Does QHHT Work On?

QHHT Works on Most Health Conditions:

ALL Permeant or Temporary Conditions

Back Injuries, Pain, Disc Damage, and More

Paralysis to any part of the body

Head Injuries, Tumors, Brain Issues, Head Pain, Headaches

Sleep Issues, Snoring, Grinding Teeth, Nightmares

Cancer, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Mental Health Issues

Broken Bones, Bone Disorders, Blood Disorders, Muscle Disorders

Malfunction or Issues with Major Organs, Liver, Heart, Pancreas, Kidneys, Stomach issues, Bladder Issues, Colonel, and much more.

If you do not see your health condition on here, please contact us so we can let you know if QHHT will work. QHHT Works on most Conditions.

Does Not Work on: Schizophrenia or Alzheimer's. 

However keep in mind, some of my clients were misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia and QHHT worked on them and revealed the truth that they were not schizophrenic...  


Call Or Message  for questions on specific health conditions. 

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What Does QHHT Work On?

QHHT Answers to Life Questions during the session:

What is my purpose in life? Why am I here?

How can I better my life? What do I need to work on the most in my life?

How can I fix my relationships or handle them better? 

Why did something bad happen to me? 

Am I on the right path? Will I be abundant? Successful? Happy?

Will my health conditions get better? Be Gone? Come back?

Are the people who have died in my life at peace? Are they with me?

Who is my spirit guide?

Can I have help financially? 

Who is my soulmate?

Will I have a family? Kids? Marriage? 

Where will I live?

Past Lives?

Does Not Work on:

The answers will only be told if it does not harm or hurt you to tell you the answers at the specific time you do the session.  Remember everything is about timing, and this process is very trusting and will not harm you in anyway in that, sometimes answers will not be revealed because its not the right time.  However you can do another session later on in time, and ask again. 

We are working with your subconscious, higher soul (may call it), you can trust, relax, and enjoy this process. Do not be scared to ask questions, you are supposed to enjoy this experience to the fullest. 

Call Or Message for questions on specific questions or concerns. 

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